Richard Osterlind’s project to produce a guide book to accompany each of the seven DVDs in the Mind Mysteries series has, so far, been a remarkable success. Purchasers have been virtually unanimous in their praise.

As a natural result of the interest in the guide books — and the reviewing of the DVDs — certain tricks are experiencing another round of interest. The Radar Deck is one of those.

Osterlind notes in his blog this morning a terrific deal for anyone who hasn’t yet purchased their own Radar Deck:

For the rest of April we will be offering these decks for the low price of just $12! The cards are top quality U.S. Playing Card Company brand, Bicycle Rider Back cards available in red or blue back. (Please specify when ordering.) Take advantage of this deal while you can! To order, go to the main product page and click on the Radar Deck special on the right edge of your screen.

As you probably have already heard, the Radar Deck is a terrific tool from which a number of great presentations can be performed. $12 is a giveaway.

Visit the store here and pick up a deck while they’re still on sale.