I’ve noticed Casa Escamoteurettes is visited quite a bit by people sporting web-enabled mobile devices. This is good, so long as you higher-tech visitors are not trying to drive while reading this blog; you run the risk of crashing into that idiot turning in front of you who doesn’t see you because she’s busy tapping out a text message.

Lest I be considered a Luddite — and I have been called worse — I have mobile-device enabled this blog. Trying it out on my smart phone I find I can jog my memory with regards to things I’ve written in fewer downloaded bytes than checking Houston conditions on The Weather Channel’s web site. Technology good. Excessive bandwith charges, bad. We aim to please.

As for the sax, here’s a demo of the Jazz & Big Band library offered by the fine folks at Gary Garritan’s group. (I am quite the fan of these sample libraries, having invested (cough, cough) dollars in several sets.) This saxophone solo demo is described thusly:

This excerpt comes from a track from the Sirius B album “Casa do Sol” geaturing Tenor player is Iain Ballamy , one of the UK’s top Jazz musicians. Joe Cavanagh & Markleford Friedman have realized this sax solo using one of the tenor saxes in the Jazz and Big Band library as well as the fretted bass, electric piano and fusion drum kit.

It is sax. Is uses the word “Casa.” It satisfies my juvenile need to tie in the words “phone” and “sax” in an attempt to lure you here. It’s also a fine piece of music.

2 thoughts on “Phone sax.

  1. That’s a bit high tech, but a good idea. 3G means mobile internet is becoming a reality.

    What exactly do you mean by ‘mobile-device enabled’?!

  2. Where I spend most of my mobile time, we have 3G in Houston, TX, and in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana — and that’s about it. Along major highways where cell towers live, I’m lucky to get 100KBs. Most everywhere else it is technically an internet connection, but not something any sane person would be happy with.

    Mobile-device enabled means if your cell phone or PDA has a browser, you are automatically served the mobile version, which makes things easier to read.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Dan.


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