For some people, failing drives them to drink. For David Blaine, however…there’s this:

David Blaine, who failed to break the world record for holding his breath underwater last week, has announced his next stunt will be living among wild animals in the jungle. The 33-year-old was released from a New York City hospital last week after spending seven days in a spherical aquarium.

Blaine needed medical treatment after suffering convulsions and passing out while attempting to hold his breath for nine minutes. But the magician has already moved on to planning his next stunt, claiming the challenge is more unbelievable than anything he has attempted before.

He tells the New York Post, “I’m planning to live harmoniously among wild beasts. And I’d like to do it alone in the jungle.”

And there’s this:

Illusionist David Blaine is to live “harmoniously’ in the jungle for his next stunt.

The magician plans to be left “alone” in the Tanzanian jungle where 150 people are attacked by wild lions a year with just a TV crew present to film his actions.

Blaine narrowly escaped death during his last stunt where he was suspended in a giant fishbowl for a week. The illusionist hoped to end this extravagant display by beating the world record for holding your breath underwater, currently held by Tom Zitas.

However, he fell short of the world record, which stands at 8 minutes 58 seconds, after passing out after around 7 minutes.

Blaine is currently recuperating after suffering from liver failure and severe caused by the aquatic stunt.

About this I will not joke.

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  1. Living among wild animals has a great “holy man” mystique to it. Forget the film crew, however — by definition, Blaine wouldn’t be “alone” with a crew present, and wouldn’t it be more dramatic if he filmed himself (guerilla filmmaking, no pun intended)?

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