This just in:

Illusionist DAVID COPPERFIELD is planning to go one better than rival DAVID BLAINE by impregnating a woman live onstage.

The magician will carry out the stunt in Germany, without – he insists – even touching the volunteer.

Copperfield tells, “There is a great deal of new territory to conquer. I’m going to make a girl pregnant. Naturally there will be no sex.

“Everybody will be happy about it, but I’m not telling you any more.”

Everything old is new again?

(I’ll let others comment on the line, “Naturally there will be no sex.” This is a family blog.)

3 thoughts on “Pregnant pause.

  1. Hmmm… Hasn’t he done this already…

    I personally think he got this idea from an old hockey friend of mine who got a girl pregnant without having sex with her… This was about 9 years ago…

    Thanks for reading…


  2. I’ve seen DC twice in the last three years, and he did this illusion at both shows. So, you’re right….something NEW?

  3. And David’s new assistant, the Archangel Gabriel is his new annunciator. Oops. I mean, Master of Ceremonies.

    Either way, he’ll whisper the result in the lady’s ear. Unfortunately, we have to sit in the audience for 9 months to see the end of this spot. Can you spell boring?


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