What do you think normal people seek when they think of our weirdness? Do they think they want to see a “magician” or a “mentalist”? Or do they search for something else?

Here are some search request estimates that combine results from Google, MSN, and Yahoo! to give you an idea what it is people are searching for:

Estimated number of times per month people search for:

“David Blaine”: 1,944,572

“Criss Angel”: 311,801

“magician”: 105,574

“Copperfield”: 77, 294

“Penn & Teller”: 29,421

“Lance Burton”: 5,163

“mentalist”: 3,875

“Kreskin”: 2,527

“Banachek”: 987

“Harrison Greenbaum”: 0

“Ford Kross”: 0

Well. There you have it. Make of it what you will.

But I will note that years ago Tom Peters strongly and enthusiastically suggested that people in business should consider themselves the CEO of “Brand Me, Inc.” and conduct themselves accordingly. It was true when he stated it; it’s true today; and I assure you it will be even more true after you read this line.

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