Recently I was informed that I should do “something selfless for the society.”

Now, I’m not entirely sure which “society” to which this individual refers. I decided to choose magic. I hope you’ll forgive me. (Or thank me. Your choice, really.)

So. With ladybug tricks suddenly gaining some traction, I thought I’d offer this free trick to the community in lieu of creating an instructional DVD, 4-color process booklet, and $100 price tag. Here it is for your consideration.

Name: Crushed and Restored Ladybug

Effect: The performer squeezes a ladybug between his thumb and forefinger until a slight “pop” is heard. The remains fall into the performers palm, the hand closes. When the performer’s hand opens again, a live ladybug crawls around.

Secret: What, are you nuts — N-V-T-S nuts? This isn’t a magic exposure site.

(I will give you a hint, though: you can get 1500 ladybugs for only $5.95. If you give one out at each performance, that’s a 750-performance pack!)

Aaaahhhh…something selfless for the society.” Soul cleansing, indeed.

P.S. Before you animal rights extremists burst a blood vessel, I want you to know I am a part-time humorist and a full-time pacifist. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

(But a ladybug? Now that’s a different story.)

3 thoughts on ““Something selfless for the society.”

  1. Ha! Darnit, John, put this on DVD (and throw in a bonus that uses flies instead of ladybugs) and you’d be on the best-seller list at Murpy’s for several months running.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I have an audio clip of Wolfman Jack offering 100 baby chicks for 3.95, plus, you get a life-sized autographed picture of Him.

    I enjoy your blog. I wish I could write as well as you!!


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