In the 90s there were not many web sites dedicated to magic. As I recall, we were all (nearly) on a first-name basis. Rhett Bryson, Christian V. Andersen, Jeff Lindsay, Dodd Vickers and, of course, the granddaddy of them all, Richard Robinson’s All Magic site — those are some of the names from the links page from one of my first web sites.

There are few sites from that era still breathing. Most of the web sites that you can still locate from the Worldwide Web’s version of “the 70s” look a lot like a flash-frozen woolly mammoth with grass still in his mouth, albeit with a blinking HTML tag on his hiney. (I forgive you Lou.)

One site still up and running is Steve Bryant’s, once the home of the monthly Little Egypt Gazette (now flash-frozen, though without the blink tag) and now the monthly Little Egypt Magic.

February’s issue covered Steve’s recent trip to Las Vegas where he attended World Magic Seminar XXX and, in reading his notes, made me regretful that I didn’t attend yet again. (This is a long, long running string of regrets.)

I often point people in the direction of the Little Egypt Magic web site (it’s also in my list of magic links here on Escamoteurettes) because it’s a place I like to visit. If you’ve never stopped by, do so now. And then add it to your bookmarks.

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